Cat Box in a RV

We are bringing the whole family on the road so that includes our dog and our cat. They have both transitioned well to the RV. Our cat lovingly named “El Gato Diablo” aka “Gato” for short can usually be found hidden between our comforter and sheets. Her hiding nooks are limited on the Fifth wheel so that seems to be her current favorite.

In bringing our pets we have to make sure they have everything they will need onboard as well. For our indoor cat that means the dreaded cat box. After looking at interesting options on Pinterest we decided to dedicate a small kitchen cabinet that was perfectly placed for this purpose.

Bob installed a two-way locking cat door. It’s great that it locks so when we are on the road it won’t be banging around. It’s big enough for the cat but not the dog to get her head through. Gato is 9 years old and has never used a cat door before and isn’t quit sure of it. Right now in the transition we have the door taped open. Since the space is smaller than a traditional cat box I purchased a plastic storage bin at Walmart for $.97 that works perfectly. I lined the cabinet with a cat litter catcher mat. And viola! Gato now has her own bathroom. Everyone needs their designated space.

Also, I can’t finish this post with talking about cat litter. My best friend Jasmine turned me onto a new cat litter that fits our new lifestyle perfectly. It’s called “The World’s Best Cat Litter” (no joke) and you can buy it at Target. It is made out of corn and is all natural. Most importantly it gets rid of the nasty litter dust. It clumps like a regular cat litter without the mess. And now my cat doesn’t smell like the litter box all the time. I’m not a big fan of the smell, but it comes in different natural scents like lavender and pine. Next time I will be trying one of those. When researching new fragrances I found out it is also flushable and septic safe. That will be so great to keep the box cleaner. When you are in such a small space you need to clean the cat box daily. Not having to hike out to the RV park trash everyday will be a great convenience and will encourage me to stay on top of cleaning. I don’t know if it is just because I’m cleaning it more regularly, but it also seems to last much longer. Now I need to figure out the best place for her food and water dish to go that the dog can’t get to. Right now they are just placed up on a cardboard box temporarily.


All the thoughts in this post are my own.  I am not advertising.  Photos by and for Happily Ever Mather.


  1. Jacquelyn McCarthy says

    Sounds like you’re adapting well, by the time you head out on the road you’ll all be seasoned pioneers!

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